Top 8 Exciting Afropop Songs You Should Listen To This Week

Prepare for a descent into the colorful spectrum of Afropop with our weekly selections! The top 8 thrilling Afropop songs are compiled here, guaranteed to get you moving and lifting your spirits. This list includes something for everyone, regardless of whether you enjoy listening to new music from up-and-coming artists or the greatest hits from Afropop icons. Put on your dance shoes, turn up the music, and take in the lively, energetic sounds of Afropop, which are currently trending!

Read on as we highlight the top 8 exciting Afropop songs you should add to your playlist and listen to this week;

Wave – Asake & Central Cee

“Wave” by Asake and Central Cee is a must-listen this week, earning its spot as one of the top 8 exciting Afropop songs. This dynamic track brings together the unique styles of Asake and Central Cee, creating a captivating fusion of energetic beats and catchy lyrics. This song masterfully blends Afrobeats with UK drill, resonating with listeners globally as Asake, a rising Nigerian artist known for his Afrofusion music, partnered with British rapper Central Cee to create their first joint track. The song’s tremendous streaming numbers reflect its worldwide appeal.

Remarkably, “Wave,” the collaborative track by Asake and Central Cee, has made a significant impact on Spotify, amassing an impressive 1.082 million streams within the first 24 hours of its release on June 20, 2024. Produced by Nigerian producer Magicsticks, who is also behind several other Asake hits, “Wave” delivers exceptional quality. This exciting collaboration between Asake and Central Cee has undoubtedly won the hearts of fans everywhere.

Don’t miss out on this hit, “Wave” by Asake and Central Cee”, that’s making waves in the Afropop scene! You should add the thrilling song to your playlist today.

Tiny Apartment – Victony & SAINt JHN

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Victony, celebrated for his extraordinary talent and unique sound, has made a remarkable return to the music scene with his latest track, “Tiny Apartment”. This captivating song is a collaboration with SAINt JHN, a dynamic rapper with roots in Guyana and the United States. Together, they create a memorable and infectious tune that blends their distinct styles seamlessly. This captivating track is one of the top exciting songs you should listen to this week as the tune showcases the unique talents of both artists, blending their distinct styles into a memorable and infectious tune.

Notably, “Tiny Apartment” is a standout track from Victony’s latest album, “Stubborn,” which showcases his growth and versatility as an artist. The album features a mix of genres and influences, highlighting Victony’s ability to push the boundaries of Afropop while staying true to his roots. SAINt JHN, known for his genre-blending approach and emotive lyrics, brings his signature style to the collaboration, adding depth and dimension to the track. The synergy between Victony and SAINt JHN is evident in “Tiny Apartment,” making it a must-listen for fans of both artists and Afropop enthusiasts alike.

With its catchy melody, engaging lyrics, and impressive production, “Tiny Apartment” has quickly gained traction and is set to become a favorite among listeners. The song’s success is a testament to Victony’s exceptional talent and his ability to create music that resonates with audiences worldwide. Don’t miss out on this exciting new release!

BENIN BOYS – Rema & Shallipopi

“BENIN BOYS” by Rema and Shallipopi is one of the top 8 exciting Afropop songs you should listen to this week. This dynamic track brings together two of Nigeria’s hottest talents, creating a fresh and energetic sound that is sure to captivate listeners.

Rema, known for his versatile style and infectious hits, teams up with Shallipopi, an emerging artist making waves in the Afropop scene. Together, they deliver a vibrant and catchy tune that showcases their unique strengths and chemistry. Remarkably, this track aims to delight Rema’s growing fan base with its infectious vibes and uplifting energy. Together, they create a truly extraordinary synergy that showcases their individual strengths and collective creativity.

“BENIN BOYS” is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of culture and musical innovation. With its compelling beat, memorable lyrics, and exceptional production, this track is set to dominate playlists and become a favorite among fans of Afropop. Don’t miss out on this exciting new release. Add “BENIN BOYS” to your playlist and enjoy one of the best Afropop songs of the week.

Ogechi Remix – BoyPee, Hyce & Brown Joel ft. Davido


Nigerian superstar, Davido, has recently hopped on the remix of the trending song “Ogechi” which was released just before his wedding. Originally performed by BoyPee, Hyce, and Brown Joel, the track has already been gaining popularity on TikTok and Nigerian radio stations. Davido’s addition to the remix is expected to elevate its success even further.

The timing of the remix is particularly significant, coinciding with Davido’s wedding celebrations. “Ogechi” is not just a love song but holds personal significance for Davido and his wife, adding an emotional touch to the release. With Davido’s distinctive style and the song’s already-established popularity, the remix is poised to captivate audiences and dominate the airwaves.

Stubborn – Victony & Asake

Nigerian singer Victony has unveiled his highly-anticipated single, “Stubborn,” featuring the prolific Asake, who is on an impressive feature streak. At just 23 years old, Victony has recently dropped his debut album across various streaming platforms, sparking excitement among his fan base. “Stubborn” serves as the lead track from Victony’s album of the same title, setting the stage with its introspective and melancholic vibe.

The song effortlessly merges the distinctive Afro-fusion sounds that both Victony and Asake are celebrated for, promising listeners a captivating musical journey. Through compelling visuals, Victony and Asake bring the song’s essence to life, creating an emotive and memorable viewing experience that resonates with audiences. Overall, “Stubborn” not only showcases Victony’s growth as an artist but also highlights the synergy between him and Asake, making it a standout in the contemporary Nigerian music scene.

Instagram – Muyeez & Seyi Vibez

When Vibez Inc. released the incredible track titled “Instagram” featuring two outstanding Nigerian musicians, Muyeez and Seyi Vibez, maybe they didn’t anticipate the song’s appeal but everyone can’t stop grooving to this anthem. This song is currently making a significant impact in the Nigerian music industry, with listeners unable to get enough of its captivating sound. You should make sure to add this exciting track to your playlist and enjoy its infectious vibes.

“Instagram” masterfully blends Afrobeat elements, showcasing the distinct talents of Muyeez and Seyi Vibez. Both artists deliver impressive performances, highlighting their natural abilities and perfectly complementing the beat. This track is a prime example of top-notch music, combining catchy melodies and engaging rhythms to create a memorable listening experience.

Dealer – Ayo Maff & Fireboy DML

Here comes another amazing track you should be adding to your playlist this week, the song is by Ayo Maff which he titled “Dealer”, featuring the talented Nigerian vocalist Fireboy DML and is guaranteed to captivate and thrill its listeners.

Notably, Ayo Maff kicks off his musical journey for 2024 with this tune, collaborating with Fireboy DML to ensure the song is a hit. The melodies are refreshing, and the synergy between Ayo Maff and Fireboy DML takes the track to another level, making it a must-listen for fans. With Ayo Maff’s consistent delivery of hits and Fireboy DML’s exceptional contribution, “Dealer” is a track you’ll love to hear.

Goodbye (Warm Up) – Ayra Starr & Asake

“Goodbye (Warm Up)” by Ayra Starr, featuring Asake, is an incredible record that deserves a spot on your playlist. Ayra Starr, one of Nigeria’s rising stars, has recently released the visuals for this captivating track, which is the second song from her new album, “The Year I Turned 21.” This album marks a significant milestone in her career, capturing the essence of her growth and evolution as an artist.

“Goodbye (Warm Up)” holds a special place in Ayra Starr's heart, as it is one of her favorite tracks she has ever recorded. The song beautifully showcases her signature style, blending soulful melodies with heartfelt lyrics that resonate deeply with listeners. Her emotive performance is complemented perfectly by Asake, a talented singer-songwriter known for his unique sound and lyrical prowess. The collaboration between Ayra Starr and Asake on this track is truly magical. Asake’s distinct vocal style and artistic flair add an extra layer of depth and charm to the song, creating a seamless blend of their talents. Their chemistry is evident in the music, making “Goodbye (Warm Up)” a standout piece in Ayra Starr's discography.


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