Terry G: Wizkid is the Jay-Z of our generation

Terry G, the famous singer Gabriel Oche Amanyi, recently compared Wizkid to Jay-Z on the Afrobeats podcast. He believes that Wizkid is the Nigerian equivalent of Jay-Z, who is a highly successful American hip-hop legend and businessman with immense influence in the hip-hop culture.

Wizkid is the Jay-Z of our generation. He is the first [born child of the new generation of Nigerian musicians] and well always give it to him. One thing I like about Wizkid is his carriage. He has inspired a lot of people, he said.

The Akpako Master recalled how Wizkid came to his house back in 2016 for a recording session with him.

Wizkid came to my house in Ishaga in 2016 to record a song with me. I was very happy he came. We recorded 4 songs together. God bless Wizkid, Terry G said.


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