Tems "Born in the Wild" Album Review

Tems Born in the Wild Album
Tems Born in the Wild Album

Notably, on the “Born in the Wild” album, Tems confidently and returns with style. The Afro-fusion vocalist first showcased her captivating talent in her previous EP; now, with her first full-length album, she affirms her status as a creative producer and the creator of her own mythology. Tems continues to be her own songwriter, addressing the demands of celebrity by deftly and melancholicly examining her own traumas before she became quite famous.

Read on as we review the “Born in the Wild” album by Tems as she pours out reflective poetry that explores emotional intricacies and personal hardships, giving listeners an honest and unvarnished look into her path. Her ability to persevere and maintain her artistic integrity is demonstrated by each tune on the album, which combines melancholic melodies with soulful rhythms to produce a completely engrossing listen. Check out the track-by-track review of “Born in the Wild” by Tems;

Born in the Wild – The album’s opening track, “Born in the Wild,” shares its title with the album itself. This song captures the essence of Tems’ music, embracing a minimalist ’90s style that allows her the tranquility to delve deeply into her personal struggles, backgrounds, and reflections.

Special Baby (Interlude) – The following track is an interlude featuring Tems’ mother reflecting on Tems’ experiences with fame and success, as well as the expectations from critics. During this interlude, Tems casually listens as her mother paints an inspiring picture for her and listeners.

Burning – The third track on the “Born in the Wild” album is titled “Burning”. Remarkably, Tems expresses her inner struggle in a melodic sing-along way on the outstanding track “Burning”, letting her vocals shine as the sparkling focus of the song. This song would easily pass as listeners’ endearing favorite,

Wickedest – Tems offers a daring template for “Wickedest,” which includes an interpolation of the famous zouglou classic “1er Gaou” by the Ivorian quartet Magic System, which brings back fond memories for Africans worldwide. Notably, Tems freely embraces her true self without any worries as she sings about her achievements and status as the leading vibe – with an amazingly brilliant voice.

Love Me Jeje – The fifth track is the pre-released single, “Love Me Jeje”. Ever since the song dropped, everyone has been savouring Tems’ beautiful reworking of the timeless Nigerian song “Love Me Jeje.” The nostalgic thrill of Seyi Sodimu & Shaffy Bello’s 1996 song connects strongly with Nigerian fans as she layers this over funky Afrobeats drumming, openly embracing her Nigerian roots.

Get it Right (feat. Asake) –The sixth track on the “Born in the Wild” album features the first of only two guest appearances. Notably, Tems collaborates with era-defining superstar Asake, who delivers the necessary Afro tunes and local flavor while Tems maintains her captivating RnB flows. Tems also enlists renowned Nigerian producer Sarz to create a hybrid of Pop, Amapiano, and Afrobeats on the Afropop love record, “Get It Right”.

Ready –In the track “Ready,” Tems appears to be in her true element. Having often been compared to artists like Rihanna and Sade Adu, Tems proves herself worthy of the comparison with the soothing blend of jazz and pop rhythms on “Ready”, as she expresses lyrically her readiness to let her light shine brightly.

Tems Born in the Wild Album Tracklist
Tems Born in the Wild Album Tracklist

Gangsta – Tems grabs the spotlight with the energetic song titled “Gangsta” as she interpolates Diana King’s “L-L-L Lies” over the sultry kicks of “Gangsta,” thinking back on her career and prominence, which have been closely scrutinized by critics – so Tems is like “…put me on display…” as she boldly declares that she can overcome obstacles and continue to prosper in the music scene.

Unfortunate – This track might initially go unnoticed by listeners, but deep into the “Born in the Wild” album, you’ll discover the explicit themes and vibes that define Tems. She sings a beautifully soulful song about an estranged love, where she contemplates her potential fortune while her lover appears unfortunate.

Boy O Boy – This track has been steadily growing on listeners, who are captivated by Tems’ portrayal of a love-hate relationship in this song. Notably, accompanied by jazz fusion guitarist Nsikak David on “Boy O Boy”, Tems’ simple musical arrangements on this track feel both old-school and modern as the talented singer seems to be conjuring an ambience of solitude.

Forever – The DAMEDAME* produced “Forever”, which features Tems’ bass-heavy tone rising to a fluttering falsetto evocative of young Michael Jackson kinda music. We get to see Tems create an all-consuming love anthem in this funky jazz tune.

Free Fall (feat. J. Cole) – Since the release of the “Born in the Wild” album, this song has been hailed as one of the album’s highlights. It’s quite remarkable how Tems sings explicitly and delicately adorable over the mid-tempo bounce of “Free Fall,” in which she collaborates with J Cole, who gives a perfect feature. We can say it’s difficult to overlook that the composition possesses the album’s overall striking appeal.

Voices in My Head (Interlude) – Regarding her inspiration, Tems uses this project as an opportunity to reveal that she draws support from those around her, including her mother (featured earlier in the album) and her managers, Wale Davis and Muyiwa Awoniyi. Their words of advice and encouraging discussions form the basis of the “Voice In My Head (interlude)”.

Turn Me Up – The reggae/dancehall rhythm of “Turn Me Up” makes it arguably the most exciting song on the “Born in the Wild” album by Tems. This up-tempo banger, sprinkled with reggae adlibs, is a revelation that listeners may not have anticipated. From beginning to end, “Turn Me Up” delivers a complete vibe. Notably, produced by the talented London and co-written by Michael Hunter and Tems, the track, Turn Me Up, stands out as one of the project’s rare gems.

Me & U – Notably, “Me & U” was the first song released ahead of the full “Born in the Wild” album. It still sounds like an elite record that underscores the worthiness of Tems’ music and offers a counterbalance to the homogenized sound of contemporary Afropop. Additionally, with the “Not an Angel” single not making the final cut, listeners will likely appreciate this track even more.

T-Unit – As the “Born in the Wild” album goes on, Tems sticks to her bold theme as she comes through with diverse audacious vibes. The talented Afropop artist, Tems, embraces her inner Lauryn Hill in the hip-hop song “T-Unit”, showcasing her rap prowess while preserving the bleak tone of the record.

You in My Face – On this track, “You in My Face”, Tems delivers a captivating vibe reminiscent of a Sade Adu masterpiece. With a gloomy tune, she seizes the opportunity to express her love and belief in it as she showcases her exciting vocals, guiding her fans and listeners through a timeless musical experience.

Hold On – “Hold On” finds Tems encouraging her love and her listeners with the same unwavering faith and belief as the preceding single. She continues her bizarre journey of self-discovery and tenacity in the face of adversity, encouraging her listeners to persevere while delivering the kind of blissful moments one would expect from an esteemed pop diva.

Final Remark

She might make it seem easy but you can just tell Tems put a lot of effort into the “Born in the Wild” project. Tems had to learn how to produce herself in order to break away from the traditional Afrobeats that were popular in her nation and make more unique music. The brilliant Afropop artist, Tems, has been able to carve out a unique space for herself in the Nigerian music scene thanks to her perseverance and unique vision. By choosing an alternative path, Tems has demonstrated her commitment to authenticity and artistic integrity. Her sound, characterized by its introspective lyrics and innovative production, stands in contrast to the mainstream Afrobeats, showcasing her versatility and depth as an artist. Learning to produce her own music was a significant step in her journey, empowering her to fully realize her creative ideas and maintain control over her artistic direction

Across a generous 18 tracks, “Born in the Wild” has the feel of a sprawling mood board, incorporating the undercurrent of Tems’ Christian faith, the melismatic cadences that mirror her fluctuating self-assurance, and refrains that blur affirmation and rumination. This album stands as a testament to Tems’ multifaceted artistry, seamlessly weaving together her personal beliefs and emotional journey. Remarkably Tems’ “Born in the Wild” album is expertly composed, with each song perfectly arranged to provide an exquisitely pleasing package. You feel that stopping would be detrimental to the entire experience, thus you find yourself wanting to keep listening until Tems’ very final song. The well-chosen songs and smooth transitions provide a rich listening experience that holds the audience’s interest throughout.

Furthermore, the production of “Born in the Wild” is both innovative and reflective of Tems’ unique style, characterized by its seamless fusion of traditional Afrobeat elements with contemporary influences. This distinctive soundscape not only highlights her versatility as a musician but also reinforces her position as a trailblazer in the Afro-fusion genre. As Tems navigates the dichotomy of fame and personal growth, she crafts a narrative that is both universal and intimately personal. Her ability to transform her experiences into compelling music ensures that “Born in the Wild” resonates with a broad audience, solidifying her place in the global music scene.

This album is not just a collection of songs but a cohesive story of self-discovery and empowerment, making it an essential listen for fans and newcomers alike.


Delivery: 1.9/2

Lyricism: 1.9/2

Relatability: 1.8/2

Mixing and Production: 1.9/2

Replay Value: 1.8/2

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