Portable Replies Saida Boj 'You are just nothing but a dog;

Nigerian musician Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, has been engaging in a heated exchange with social media influencer Saida Boj. Saida Boj, whose real name is Sarah Idaji Ojone, publicly criticized Portable, his wife, and his child mother. She accused Portable of having bad breath and a failing music career, and even insulted his father. In response, the Zeh Nation leader released a video where he attacked Saida Boj, claiming that she has an unattractive face due to her relationships with multiple men for financial gain.

He confidently stated that she could never compare to his wife. During the video, the singer challenged Saida to prove that any of her family members have traveled abroad, particularly to the United States. He also boasted about his father successful transportation business in Abuja, where he owns a fleet of buses. The ongoing feud between Portable and Saida Boj has been ongoing for some time now, with Saida continuously criticizing Portable and his child mothers.

Portable replied her as he said,saida, you said you are finer than my wives. Even with your N20 million, you can't be finer than my housewife. You wey be say, if you wan post you go rub powder. If e sure for you post your early morning picture. Are you whining me. Shey wealth dey your body.

You are just nothing but a dog. Are you married. I take care of your wives. I can not toast you. You said I can't sing hit. I have hits. Post your relatives wey don travel before.

My papa dress pass hush puppi. Goan ask for my daddy in Abuja. He is a transporter and he owns plenty cars. I buy my daddy car and even build house for him.


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