PJ Morton Releases Cape Town to Cairo Album

PJ Morton Releases Cape Town to Cairo Album

American artiste, PJ Morton, has released his album, Cape Town to Cairo. The 9-track project is unlike Morton previous projects as the Grammy-award-winning artist created the album during a 30-day journey across Africa. On Cape Town to Cairo, Nigerian artists and producers like Asa, Fireboy, Made Kuti, The Cavemen, and P.Priime were featured alongside South African artistes Ndabo Zulu and the Soweto Spiritual Singers.

While speaking about the creative process of the album, Morton stated, I wanted to capture the emotions I felt while I was on the continent, so I made a promise that I wouldn't write anything before I arrived in Africa, and I wouldn't write anything after I left " I ended up recording all my vocals before I left too. It was an experiment in trusting my instincts. I can overthink as many of us do, so I wanted to spark something with real stakes. He described the album as a product of his raw thoughts and musical influences.

Morton will also embark on a worldwide Cape Town to Cairo tour with his band. A memoir and documentary from the artiste is also expected to be released later this year.


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