Nigerian Kidnapping: Are There Effective Solutions?

Nigerian Kidnapping: Are There Effective Solutions?

For about 15 years, kidnapping in Nigeria has not come as a surprise to the local population. Criminals are kidnapping officials, businessmen, and even famous Nollywood actors. One of the abducted people said that the bandits had no intention of harming – they just wanted to get money. Theft is not profitable – even wealthy Nigerians leave their homes without money. They store what they have accumulated in a secluded place. Low education levels and unemployment push people towards crime, which is accessible and not punishable. 

Police and authorities rarely investigate crimes, especially outside major cities. Meanwhile, for example, in Lagos or Abuja, the situation is completely different. These are large cities with developed infrastructure and even casino hotels. By the way, many modern operators go to Nigeria to obtain a license to run a real money casino business. The online gambling market in Nigeria is very promising, and this is largely due to the large young population. So, why, in a country with great potential, Nollywood, luxury, and the dignity of casinos, the government cannot deal with such medieval savagery as kidnapping?

Dictatorship Doesn’t Bring Results & Doesn’t Contribute To The Country Development!

Nigeria is a densely populated country in which different groups have been fighting for power for 50+ years. Meanwhile, Christians and Muslims alternate in the presidency. The multi-religious country suffers from unemployment – more than 40% of young people cannot find work. Nigeria’s main revenue comes from oil exports. The population is employed in agriculture and mining. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the country attracted tourists. However, the lack of road infrastructure, quality drinking water, and food has seriously hampered the industry development.

Thus, due to unemployment and inflation, locals find gambling as a way to earn money. They spend nights in bookmakers’ offices and expend money on bets in online casinos. Nowadays there are thousands of gambling sites on the Internet and you can really hit the jackpot there. The Gamblorium blog has plenty of material on this issue. So, Nigerians spend more than $975+ million on betting and make 14+ million bets daily. A gambling epidemic is breaking out in the country! According to the latest data, 65+ million people in the country actively participate in sports betting and spend at least $15 a month on it. Even though the average salary in Nigeria is only $137 per month.

Since the late 1990s, Nigeria has been plagued by terrorism. The long reign of military dictators has led to the emergence of armed groups that control some country regions. There are no basic amenities of civilization here, and locals are subject to robbery and violence. From time to time, the authorities expel militants from occupied territories, but they return. Followers of such groups think that the Western way of life, based, among other things, on Christianity and education, is harmful to Nigerian society. Even wearing clothing traditional to the Western world is considered by militants to be a sin.

Thus, radicals operate mainly in the north and east of Nigeria and Chad. They attack the civilian population. Loggers are often targeted when they accidentally stumble upon militant hideouts in the forests. Oil company employees are kidnapped by radicals for ransom. But the most resonant acts are the mass abductions of children from boarding schools (popular in Nigeria).

Foreigners are rarely captured in Nigeria, as it is easier for criminals to organize the kidnapping and ransom of locals. Tourists and businesses visit the south and west of the country! Most often, they prefer Lagos (the largest port city) and national parks where police maintain security. However, sometimes, gullible citizens of other countries still find themselves in difficult situations.

Education Of Children As Futile Attempts To Fight

Nigeria is implementing an education system modeled on Germany and China. Children undergo one-year preparatory courses, 12 years of the main program, and 4 years of higher education. In practice, the situation is depressing – UNICEF has found that 10+ million children in the country are not attending school. In the north of the country, 50%+ of girls do not go to school or study in boarding schools with low levels of education.

Parents are trying to educate their children to enter a university, but there are few state universities in the country. Private educational institutions are not beneficial for investors. They are profitable only in large cities where the necessary infrastructure is available. Teachers refuse to go to areas with high criminal activity and even a lack of roads.

The poor north of the country more often uses the services of such schools. Nevertheless, the problem of student safety is so acute that some state authorities are moving all educational establishments to large cities. Security is carried out not only by the police and the army but also by private guard organizations. However, they do not cope with their work.

The Government Still Has Not Found a Way Out!

It is worth noting that the previous government led by Muhammad Buhari and the government of Bola Ahmed Tinubu found solutions to security problems. However, they couldn’t eradicate terrorist attacks on civilians and kidnappings for ransom. The teacher of the Federal University Dutse, Jamil Ibrahim Mukhtar says that the best way out is to pay attention to the source of the problems! This is, of course, injustice, poor leadership, corruption, illiteracy, and youth poverty. 

There are many unregistered weapons in Nigeria! Besides, complex landscapes and geographical conditions make military operations difficult. Problems and corruption in the country’s judicial system are also among the reasons that increase the security problem. With a population approaching 230 million, a lack of work for young people and a troubled economy are fueling crime.

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