Joe Mettle & Sunmisola Agbebi & Oba Awon Oba

Joe Mettle & Sunmisola Agbebi - "Oba Awon Oba"
Joe Mettle & Sunmisola Agbebi – “Oba Awon Oba”

Ghanaian gospel artist Joe Mettle teams up with Nigerian star Sunmisola Agbebi on a brand new single, Oba Awon Oba. This collaboration beautifully combines their distinct styles into a powerful worship medley that resonates with praise and devotion.

Oba Awon Oba, a Yoruba phrase translating to King of Kings, is an anthem of praise that exalts Gods majesty and celebrates His reign as the supreme ruler of all creation. The song’s uplifting melody and heartfelt lyrics create an atmosphere of reverence and worship, making it a standout track in the gospel music scene. Joe Mettle and Sunmisola Agbebis harmonious voices blend seamlessly, delivering a moving performance that inspires and uplifts. This collaboration is sure to touch the hearts of listeners and bring them closer to the divine.

You should add “Oba Awon Oba” to your worship playlist and experience the powerful message and captivating music brought to you by these two talented gospel artists. You can listen to “Oba Awon Oba” by Joe Mettle & Sunmisola Agbebi here.

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