How Playing Rust is Good for Your Brain

When I was young, I remember my mum telling me to lay off the computer games or it would kill off all my brain cells – go read a book instead. But what if she was actually wrong? It seems that she may well have been… indeed, playing video games, especially more complex ones like Rust, may get a bad rap, but research… and firsthand experiences show that they can actually be pretty good for your brain! 

Helping With Problem-Solving Skills

Rust is a game that is all about decision-making and problem-solving. You need to work out the best strategies to gather resources, try to avoid danger and build secure bases. This will need you to be able to think quick, think strategically and be adaptable as the world changes around you. You’ll need to solve problems – and problem-solving skills are always great to have in any walk of life – in and out of the gaming world.

Boosting Your Memory and Learning

To do well in Rust, you’ll need to remember the locations of different resources, be able to navigate the huge map and remember the functions of various crafting items. This constant need to remember and apply this information can definitely stimulate your brain’s memory centre. 

You’ll need to learn new strategies, get to grips with the game and keep adjusting based on the game updates and changing environments. This can help to keep the grey matter in tip-top condition – and be great for training your memory.

Improving Your Spatial Awareness

Rust is a game where you need eyes in the back of your head – and you’ll need to have a sense of spatial awareness and awareness of your surroundings in general. You’ll need to navigate difficult terrains and build the right structures in the right places – all while trying to keep an eye on other players. If you’re practising reverse parking – or even thinking of becoming a parent, this can be a great skill to develop!


Multitasking isn’t just for girls. Rust players will need to learn strategies, adapt to everything that is happening around them, learn game updates… all at once! Multitasking is great for your brain! Getting used to this kind of multitasking in the game can help to improve your cognitive control… and the ability to do more than one thing at once in real life – meaning even better productivity and time management.

Helping With Teamwork and Social Skills

You may play at home, alone, but the game is all about working with others – and working within a team as part of a clan or group is important. You’ll need to try and forge alliances, communicate well with others around you – and work productively with others to try and be successful. Even outside of the game, you can take part in various Rust gambling games with and against others, such as Rust Coinflip games, battles and more, making it an even more social experience.

Working with others to solve problems or defend against threats in the game can certainly help you work better in collaboration with others in real-life scenarios.

Reduce Stress and Provide Mental Stimulation

While Rust can definitely be intense, it can also be incredibly immersive – and can be a great stress reliever. Enjoying the game can provide a mental break from real life – so you can relax and unwind. Yes, of course your brain needs a good workout – but, like the rest of your body, it also benefits from a rest every now and then as well. Mental health matters!

Building Up Your Patience and Resilience

Playing Rust often involves lots of failures and even more setbacks – whether it’s losing your resources to another player or someone raiding your base and stealing your stuff. Overcoming this time and time again calls for patience and perseverance – and can help you build your resilience. These traits are incredibly important in both personal and professional life.

So, there you have it! Next time someone tells you to get off the computer game and do something useful, you can feel happy in the knowledge that you’re giving your brain a good workout no matter what they say!

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