Discover the Essence of “Derayo” from the Album “Omonile”, Son of the Soil

If you’re a fan of soulful, authentic music that bridges cultures and tells a profound story, then “Derayo” from the album Omonile, Son of the Soil* is a track you simply cannot miss. Composed and arranged by the talented Atanda, this song is a testament to the rich musical heritage of Lagos, Nigeria. The journey of “Derayo” is a collaborative masterpiece. Produced, recorded, and mixed by Kikiope at the renowned Kiki Recording Studio in Lagos, the track brings together a blend of traditional and modern sounds. Carolina Vallejo’s meticulous post-production work adds a polished touch, while Tom Leader’s mastering ensures that every note resonates with clarity and power.

“Derayo” is more than just a song; it’s an experience. The title itself, meaning “Joy has come,” sets the tone for a musical journey that is both uplifting and deeply rooted in the Yoruba culture. Atanda’s composition and arrangements draw listeners in, creating an immersive soundscape that reflects the essence of being an Omonile, a true son of the soil.

The production of “Derayo” spans continents, with contributions from Lagos to Carolina Vallejo’s studio, demonstrating the universal appeal and collaborative spirit of the project. This blend of local and international expertise results in a track that is both authentic and globally relevant. Dive into the rhythms and melodies of “Deray?” and let yourself be carried away by its vibrant energy and cultural depth. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Yoruba music or new to the genre, this track is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Listen to “Derayo” and experience the joy that comes from connecting with music that speaks to the soul. Don’t forget to explore the rest of the album Omonile, Son of the Soil* for more musical treasures.

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