Adorable video of a dad straightening his daughters weave with a flat iron (video)

Adorable video of a dad straightening his daughter’s weave with a flat iron (video)

A video of a father straightening his daughter’s weave has warmed hearts.

In the video shared on Father’s Day, June 16, the dad is seen working on his daughter’s hair while she filmed and gave him directions.

“There you go,” she encouraged him as he straightened her hair with the flat iron.

“Is it now good?” he asked in Igbo.

“Is it straight?” she asked him. “It doesn’t look straight.”

“Yes, it’s straight,” he replied.

She then directed him to continue working on the back of her hair.

“Make sure the top is straight,” she said.

Her father got to work on the parts she pointed out then stopped for his daughter to check out his work.

“It is good,” he complimented his daughter in Igbo.

But she was not satisfied and told him where else he needed to work on.

He went ahead to use the flat iron to work on those parts she needed help with.

Watch the video below.


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