10 Afropop Songs You Should Listen To This Week

With its fascinating lyrics, bright melodies, and enticing beats, Afropop is sweeping the global music scene. Join us again this week as we choose ten Afropop songs that showcase the amazing diversity and allure of the genre. These songs, which skillfully combine traditional African sounds with contemporary influences, demonstrate the inventive energy of musicians from all over the continent, ranging from massive hits to overlooked gems.

Remarkably, these songs will improve your playlist and have you dancing all week, regardless of how experienced you are with Afropop or whether you’re just getting started. Read on as you excite yourself and feel the pulse of the most thrilling musical genre in Africa with these 10 Afropop songs you should be listening to this week.

Gangsta – Tems

“Gangsta” by Tems is a beautiful standout track that deserves a spot on your playlist. Remarkably, Tems’ unique and soulful voice delivers a powerful performance, blending seamlessly with the track’s moody and atmospheric production. Moreover, the song’s introspective lyrics explore themes of confidence and defiance, resonating deeply with listeners who appreciate meaningful and thought-provoking music.

Additionally, “Gangsta” showcases Tems’ ability to fuse elements of Afropop, R&B, and alternative sounds, creating a genre-defying experience that is both fresh and captivating. “Gangsta” by Tems has haunting melodies and infectious rhythms making it perfect for any mood, whether you’re winding down after a long day or seeking inspiration and empowerment.

Stubborn – Victony ft. Asake

Notably, this Friday is the release date of Victony‘s debut album – his most recent single, “Stubborn”, which features Grammy-nominated musician Asake, highlights the anticipated tenacity of the project. This upbeat song, which follows the popularity of “Everything,” is Victony’s second release of 2024 and the lead single off his much-awaited album.

The upbeat song “Stubborn” emphasizes Victony’s perseverance and resolve. Victony’s upbeat performance is expertly complemented by Asake’s strong vocals and unique manner, which give the song depth and energy and make it an engaging and memorable listen. “Stubborn,” with its upbeat beat, memorable choruses, and motivational lyrics, is a song you simply must add to your collection. This song not only establishes Victony’s reputation in the music business but also paves the way for an intriguing and noteworthy album.

Bad Vibes – Ayra Starr ft. Seyi Vibez

“Bad Vibes” by Ayra Starr and Seyi Vibez is a must-have on your playlist right now. This track is not only topping charts and resonating everywhere, but it also showcases the incredible talent of Ayra Starr, who was nominated for a Grammy Award last year.

In “Bad Vibes,” Ayra Starr delivers her signature remarkable vibes, captivating her fans with yet another hit. The collaboration with the fast-rising star Seyi Vibez adds a unique and compelling touch to the song. His dynamic energy perfectly complements Ayra Starr’s vocals, creating a captivating and engaging musical experience.

Turn Me Up – Tems


As a Grammy Award-winning Nigerian alt-R&B singer, songwriter, and record producer, Tems captivates listeners with her stunning vocals and compelling tune in “Turn Me Up.” Featured on her latest studio album, “Born in the Wild,” the song seamlessly blends captivating sounds, accessible lyrics, and memorable hooks. From the first note, the track’s ethereal music and poignant lyrics captivate listeners, offering a captivating musical journey.

You should add “Turn Me Up” to your playlist today to experience the enchanting and soul-stirring sound of Tems, ensuring your music collection stays vibrant and engaging. Tems brings all the vibes with this reggae riddim, delivering a magnificent blend of exciting dancehall music that will have everyone grooving and dancing in no time.

Instagram – Vibez Inc ft. Muyeez & Seyi Vibez

“Instagram”, released by Vibez Inc., features two incredible Nigerian musicians, Muyeez and Seyi Vibez. This fantastic track is creating a buzz in the Nigerian music scene, with listeners unable to get enough of its infectious energy. The song, “Instagram”, is a flawless fusion of Afrobeat, showcasing the distinct talents of Muyeez and Seyi Vibez. Their natural abilities shine through, doing justice to the beat and elevating the track to a new level. The song exemplifies excellent music, resonating deeply with listeners through its catchy melodies and engaging lyrics.

Remarkably, adding “Instagram” to your playlist will transport you to a joyful and vibrant world. The irresistible beat and captivating lyrics will have you singing along and dancing in no time. This track is a testament to the songwriting skills of Muyeez and Seyi Vibez, making it a must-have for anyone looking to enjoy top-tier Afrobeat music. Don’t miss out – add “Instagram” to your playlist today and vibe to its electrifying sounds.

Ogechi – Brown Joel, BoyPee & Hyce

Nigerian music sensation Brown Joel is back with a brand new track titled “Ogechi,” featuring BoyPee and Hyce. This song is a must-add to your playlist, guaranteed to get you grooving with its catchy beat and infectious lyrics. “Ogechi” is an amazing record that showcases the collaborative talents of Brown Joel, BoyPee, and Hyce. The track’s upbeat rhythm and captivating melodies are sure to make it a fan favorite in no time. Don’t miss out on this vibrant and exciting tune – you should add “Ogechi” to your playlist today and enjoy the irresistible energy it brings.

Goodbye (Warm Up) – Ayra Starr & Asake

Another must-add for this week’s playlist is “Goodbye (Warm Up)” by Ayra Starr featuring Asake. This track masterfully blends Asake’s unique singing style with Ayra Starr’s signature Afrobeat and pop fusion, showcasing the best of both artists in a fresh and captivating collaboration.

Notably, the song’s brilliant lyrics delve into themes of embracing new beginnings and moving on from past relationships. Asake’s distinct voice, combined with Ayra Starr’s emotive delivery, adds depth and resonance to the track. The mix of pop melodies and Afrobeat rhythms creates an infectious sound that perfectly encapsulates the essence of starting anew and letting go. Make sure to add “Goodbye (Warm Up)” to your playlist today to enjoy this compelling and memorable song.

Adenuga – Joeboy ft. Qing Madi


Joeboy, the CEO of Young Legend and a highly talented Nigerian Afrobeat artist delivers another captivating track titled “Adenuga,” featuring the brilliant musician Qing Madi. This song is a must-add to your playlist this week. Add “Adenuga” to your playlist to enjoy the seamless fusion of talents from Joeboy and Qing Madi, ensuring your music collection stays vibrant with this compelling addition.

“Adenuga” showcases Joeboy’s knack for crafting infectious Afrobeat melodies, enriched further by Qing Madi’s distinct musical prowess. Together, they create a dynamic and engaging musical experience that resonates with listeners. The track blends Joeboy’s smooth vocals with Qing Madi’s unique style, resulting in a refreshing sound that stands out in the Afrobeats music scene.

Whatsapp – Seyi Vibez & Blood Civilian

In the song, “WhatsApp”, Seyi Vibez brings his signature catchy lyrics and infectious chorus, while Bloody Civilian adds a sultry vibe that takes the song to new heights, leaving listeners in awe of their combined talent. Behind the scenes, music producer Kill Dem All deserves recognition for expertly crafting the beats and melodies that make “WhatsApp” irresistible.

This track is a testament to the creativity and skill of all involved, promising to captivate audiences with its infectious melody and captivating lyrics. Seyi Vibez and Bloody Civillian showcase their musical prowess, creating a harmonious fusion of sounds that is both refreshing and captivating. “WhatsApp” is sure to leave a lasting impression and keep you coming back for more.

Olufunmi Reimagined – ID Cabasa ft. Fireboy DML, Odumodublvck, Joeboy & BOJ

To conclude this week’s playlist on a high note, we present the magnificent reimagined 2024 version of “Olufunmi”. This track takes listeners on a nostalgic journey refreshed with a contemporary twist, thanks to a stellar collaboration led by ID Cabasa.

Remarkably, the incredible vocals of Fireboy DML, Odumodublvck, Joeboy, and BOJ elevate this smash hit. By combining their unique skills, they breathe fresh life into “Olufunmi” and produce a thrilling and unforgettable musical experience. To appreciate this amazing collaboration that skillfully blends nostalgia with modern flair and is sure to leave a lasting impact, add the 2024 version of “Olufunmi” to your playlist. Its catchy melodies will keep you engrossed.

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