Ed Sheeran – American Town (mp3 download, video, lyrics)


Ed Sheeran – American Town

Americam Town is a an award winning song by Ed Sheeran, an internationally known English singer - songwriter. It appears on his album Autumn Variations which was released September 29, 2023 and produced by Aaron Dessner of indie rock group The National.


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[Verse 1]
We're a long way from home
Haven't seen you in so long
But it all came back in one moment
And the year started cold
But I didn't notice at all
When we found there's a room we're both in

We get Chinese food in small white boxes
Live the life we saw in Friends
Your room, it barely fits the mattress
Wake up, leave for work again
The wind, it seems to blow right through us
Down jackets are the trend
The rush of rushing deep into love

Dungarees over the hoodie, we're out
Feet are three feet off the ground
Lost in love and we don't wanna be found
It's just you and me
My English girl in an American town
In an American town

[Verse 2]
The days come and go
But it ends when doors close
And the scent of your perfume's on me
You're useless with your phone
Electric when one-on-one
I thought I would be more nervous, darlin'

We watch comedies and miss the endings
Conversations till the dawn
Any change in tide, we push against it
Challenge meanings in the songs
And head out without a reservation
Drinkin' out of paper bags
And wasting time is time not wasted


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