How To Solve The Problem Of Agriculture In Nigeria Economy


Commercial farming is all about the growing of crops and/or the rearing of animals for raw materials, food, or export, particularly for profitable reasons

Contemporary commercial farming hence solely focuses on the production of crops and farm animals for sale, using the most advanced, efficient, and recent technologies.

The practice, also known as agribusiness, is increasingly being taken up and practiced as more and more people partake in it as a lucrative business venture.

commercial Agricultural  is for the most part categorized into:

1. Having Understanding about the sort and strength of their farmland soil.

2. Having right seeds

3. Harvesting at in right time

4. marketing for good prize

5. Planting in right season

6. Water supply/rainstorm

How Is Agriculture Affecting Nigeria economy

Agriculture is comprehensively categorized  into four areas in Nigeria-crop production, fishing, livestock and forestry. Crop production remained the
biggest segment and it represents around 87.6% of the area's all out yield. This is trailed by domesticated animals, fishing and forestry at 8.1%, 3.2%
also, 1.1% separately. Farming remaining parts the biggest area in Nigeria contributing a normal of 24% to the country's Gross domestic product throughout the long term likewise, the area utilizes over 36% of the nation's workforce, an accomplishment which positions the area as the
biggest employer of labour in the country..

problems of the Nigerian agricultural sector in Nigeria

The area is being changed by commercialization at the small, medium and large-scale enterprise levels. the Nigerian Rural area has experienced a few difficulties going from
(1) out of date land tenure system that limits access to land (1.8 ha/cultivating family),
(2)a extremely low degree of  irrigation development (under than 1 percent of cropped land under irrigation)
(3)limited reception of exploration discoveries and advancements of technology,
(4)high expense of homestead inputs,
(5)poor access to credit because of the mismanagement of specific organizations laid out for the advancement of agrarian area
(5)lack of collateral security by the farmers
(6)inefficient compost acquisition and dispersion,
(7)insufficient storage spaces and poor access to markets
(8)changes in average temperatures, rainfall, climate extremes and infestation of pests and diseases causing organisms precipitated by climate change pose great challenge to farming.

Solutions To The Problem Of Agriculture Facing Nigeria

 1)  Provision of Adequate Education to Farmers

Efforts should be made to ensure that rural and urban dwellers get free or very affordable basic education. These will make it easier for them to learn about highly developed farming practices that improve efficiency. Also, continuous learning, via agriculture extension services,  and training seminars, is vital for farmers in the agricultural sector to ensure that they are currently deploying the best practices on their farms and agribusiness.

 2) Farmers should be Encourage to Join Co-operative Society

Farmers should come together to form more co-operative groups as this will make it easier and possible  for them to have access  to farming  input, training, equipment and capital. 

They need to take their farming operations to a higher level. Being part of a co-operative (mastermind group) will also opens farmers to learning farming practices from one another.

3) Reducing  of the Cost Farmer Inputs to Farmers

Governments should reduce the costs of basic farm inputs like seeds, fertilizers, herbicides etc. which farmers need and distribute to farmers. Provisions should be made to ensure that these inputs get to farmers directly without middlemen or brokers. 

If these limiting factors can be effectively tackled in the state, the prospect for economic recovery and poverty reduction will be greatly enhanced. 

 3) Provision of Fund to the Farmers

The average local farmers are facing the problem hardships, challenges of poverty and lack of fund. They, particularly have very little or no funds to expand their farm potentials. 

Agricultural funds really need to be made available for these farmers as this is still part of the most effective solutions to the nation's food and agricultural development. 

Another plus to funding is to provide these farmers with hybrid seeds and simple agricultural machines at subsidized rates.

4) Mechanization of Agriculture

Providing farmers with modern farm machines and simple farm equipment's is another powerful solution to her problems of food and agriculture in the state. 

This is highly very important because the local farmers there are still, helplessly making use of only cutlass and hoe.



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