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Lil Baby – Heyy



  • Artist: Lil Baby
  • Genre: Hip hop
  • Released: 2022
  • Duration: 03:13


American rapper, Lil Baby, returns with a brand new track which is titled "Heyy"




[Verse 1]
My favorite bitch just cut me off and she won't even let me know the reason (Yeah)
It's prolly one of her lil' messy hatin'-ass friends bein' evil
I ain't stressin' 'bout it, she'll come around when she wanna eat it up
Slow stroke, fast stroke, grind in it, I'm a real pleaser
Sixty hoes in New York havin' dinner
Bottega send it to me soon as they get it
I put Maybach seats in the Sprinter
Make sure evеrybody sit comfortable
You gotta really pay attention, I’m not mumblin’
Shе tryna have a good time, she wanna come with us
They know we can't be fucked with, they not one of us
It's done been some times I slipped, I'm not fallin'
Brabus baby blue, the inside too
I'm feelin' like a kid again
They thought I got lucky last time
Fuck it, I'm back on that shit again
Her last bag was a crocodile Kelly
Got it chocolate to match her skin

I just gave bro a hunnid pounds of wham
Told him, "Tell the city it's in"
Majority of the time, I hi and bye these niggas
I ain't with all that lockin' in shit
Money over everything, try to stop it
You get popped right then and there
Message thread full of, "Where you ats?" and "Pull up on me"
Bunch of "Whens" and "Wheres"
Younngings out here wildin' with no guidance
All they care about is who they kill
I was tryna keep that shit in order
It got harder 'cause I was never there
It's a better life out here
I promise, brodie, I'ma keep it in they ear
I know how it feel to spin a opp
But it feel way better to count a million
I come from the bottom of the bottom
I shot right up through the fuckin' ceilin'



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