[Download] STANY – Only You ft. Rema & Offset Mp3

STANY – Only You ft. Rema & Offset



  • Artist: STANY
  • Featuring: Rema & Offset
  • Genre: Rap
  • Released: 2022
  • Duration: 03:15 

 A new Mp3 Download Titled Only You” by STANY Ft. Rema & OffsetSTANY is back with another free streaming hit music and latest audio song today, we are delighted to inform you the latest fresh out of the Conner. This Music is what the fans have been waiting for. A top request from fans this period.



Baby, anytime I look at you
Many, many tings pon my mind, oh (My mind, oh)
Tell me, baby, when we go link up? (Link up)
Sweet red wine we go drink up, oh I
So many ting weh dey trouble my mind
But now you here dey make me wake up (Wake up)
You know ah make we ever break up (Break up)
Me no need no other girls to chase up, nah, nah

You know I get so emotional
Many feelings I dey for you, love
She, her friends over laughing now
show I’m, mm
Tell me your feelings, baby, no pretend
Leave you alone if you tеll me now
Omoge now you dey buss my hеad
Mm, oh, my baby, I wan hold you down

I call her shot caller
Seh mi no one never loses, I call her shot caller
Seh baby if you mi ideal and you won’t forget, oh, forget
See any other gyal who will come my way, I go reject, I reject
Nobody fi too gorgeous, on fire
I just need one gyal who dey loyal
You know seh mi I go treat you like royal
Nobody fi too gorgeous, on fire, oh

I just need one gyal who dey loyal
Dey by your side, baby gyal, just make soulja, oh
(Woo, woo, Offset)
We was vibed out (Vibe)
Caught you in the corner, givin’ me the side eye (Side)
Wanna play, you got some rules you gotta abide by (Rules)
We can take a jet and lay up in my high ride (Go)
Keep it real with you, it ain’t nothin’ to lie about (No)
Don’t be askin’, don’t be textin’ about my whereabout (Heard?)
Don’t be listenin’ to them b!tches, what they say about me (Woo)
Keep it solid, you gon’ ride ’til the wheels out it, ride ’til the wheels out it




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