Dry, chapped lips are a big no-no. Girls with dry skin know how annoying, and uncomfortable constant flaky lips get, but this can be fixed. Always wear a lip balm, even when you aren’t headed out because this helps to keep your lips supple and get rid of that annoying dryness. Opt for deep moisturizing lip balms as they offer a heavy dose of moisture to keep the dryness away. If the balm stings or tingles, discontinue use and choose one that doesn’t give this reaction. 

In addition, having regular lip scrub sessions will help get rid of dead skin to reveal softer, more supple lips. Plus, they make it easier for the lip balm to be even more potent.  

#3. Choose your makeup products wisely #3. Choose your makeup products wisely

By now you understand that anything that comes in contact with your skin should be double-checked in order to avoid things spiraling out of control. Whether it’s your skin care products, laundry products, or makeup, everything should be gentle and take your skin into account. Speaking of makeup, it is wise to favor products that offer moisturizing benefits. Moisture is never a

#4. Exfoliate regularly